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Wandering in the Dark

Welcome to the new blog!  I've had "The Cantankerous Christian" blog for almost 10 years and I finally came to the conclusion that I just wasn't crazy about the name anymore.  It had always been a bit tongue in cheek; we as Christians are supposed to be joyful and not ill tempered.  I think the blog and the posts reflected that.  When I started it, I just wanted a place to share my musings, a vanity project if ever there was one.  However in that, there were frustrations with the broader Church and with "Christians" in general.  And truth be told, perhaps there was also some frustration with myself.

I was really into "apologetics" and "polemics"; things were very black and white for me...and things they are supposed to do.  I by no means have things figured out.  Actually, the farther I go on this journey, the more I realize just how little I really do have figured out.  Life, ministry, and the pursuit of Jesus has a tendenc…